A Clockwork Orange

Clockwork orangeA.jpgAnthony Burgess wrote one of the most iconic books of all time. A Clockwork Orange premiered as a book in 1962 only to become one of the most well known movies of all time. In 1971, this dystopian novel became a movie that reflected the future in a terrifying way. Through the eyes of a sociopath who only cares about violence, rape, and Beethoven we are transported into the mind of what the world looks like to him.

Alex DeLarge is the main character of this film. However, we do not like Alex right at the beginning. We learn that he and his friends are common criminals who partake in various delinquent activities. One night he and his friends go and rape the wife of an man. Later on Alex, takes his crimes to a higher level when he accidentally kills a young woman while attempting to rape her. Alex is sentenced to prison. One day he is given the chance to participate in a study. He does so, but not with out the consequence. The techniques are seen as barbaric by some. He does believe it works and he is set free. On the day that Alex is set free, he bumps into his droogs who are now police officers who violently beat him. Before this happens he discovers that his parents have rented out his room. Later on he finds himself at the house of the man who’s wife he raped. The man does not recognize Alex because he was wearing a mask at the time. He does come to realize who Alex is once he hears him singing “Singin’ in the Rain” in the shower. The very song that Alex sang as he raped his wife, while the droogs paralyzed him. The man tries to take advantage of Alex and drive him to suicide as revenge. The plan almost works when Alex jumps out the window. Yet, Alex survives and is visited by a politician in who convinces Alex to join him in making the world a better place through more studies.

A Clockwork Orange is an iconic film by Anthony Burgess who used color and sexual scenery to represent how Alex saw the world. The novel that was originally written by Anthony Burgess reflected everything that is wrong with a near future dystopian society. Anthony Burgess was born on February 25, 1917 to bring about a new era of writing. Through the eyes of Alex DeLarge we are introduced to the world in a different way.


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