The Band Wagon

The Band Wagon poster.jpgVincent Minnelli directed some of the finest musical films of all time. The Band Wagon is no different. The story about a man who is concerned his career is taking a nose dive. Only to be reassured when a couple of friends write a Broadway show that reassures him that his career is not declining as fast as he thinks.

Tony Hunter has spent much of is life on stage and screen singing and dancing. He does fear that the time is coming for him to retire. However, when his two friends Lester and Lily contact him to star in a Broadway show he signs up immediately, despite misgivings from the director. After the director makes many changes to the musical, he meets his costar Gabrielle. A beautiful ballerina, Tony is attracted to her and is intimidated by her beauty at the same time. All of this prove to be too much for Tony. After nearly giving up, Gabrielle convinces him to do the show. He agrees, one night he goes and visits the director and demands the show go back to what it originally was as a musical comedy, not a dark drama. This proves to be disastrous, yet it inspires Tony to take complete control of the production.He does so and the show is a success with Tony and Gabrielle falling in love.

Vincent Minnelli directed this musical masterpiece. The Band Wagon is considered to be one of the best musicals to come out of MGM. Born on February 28, 1903, Vincent Minnelli became one of the most celebrated directors of all time.


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