Leap Year

Redhaired woman in a green dress with a man with stubbly beard wearing a grey top and blue jeansEvery four years February has an extra day. All of this is represented in the movie Leap Year. Starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode, this 2010 movie follows the love life of a young woman who considers proposing to her boyfriend. This romantic comedy has the tradition of a woman proposing to a man on this day.

Anna has been with the same man for the past four years. She becomes frustrated with him because he has not proposed yet. So, when she learns of the tradition that a woman can propose to a man on February 29 she makes the trip from Boston to Ireland to see him. However, the flight does not go as planned causing her to be a couple of miles from where she wants to be. Enlisting the help of a reluctant bartender she finds is able to find her way to Dublin to where her boyfriend is. Yet, Anna finds herself attracted to the bartender who has helped her along the way. Ultimately, Anna finds herself making the toughest decision of who she wants to end up with.

Leap Year follows the age old tradition of a woman proposing to a man. Anna decides to take advantage of this tradition. This romantic comedy does have its ups and downs, yet, it does stick true to a tradition that is sometimes taken advantage of.


2 thoughts on “Leap Year

  1. Fimnora Westcaw says:

    I’d not heard of that about Leap Day, but isn’t Sadie Hawkins day where the woman can ask the man (to dance?) once a year (on November 15)…

    Very nice write about the movie. Sounds like it might definitely be cute!

    Liked by 1 person

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