Chicago (2002)

In my last post I wrote about Chicago being founded on March 4, 1870. In honor of the founding of this historic and famous city I am doing two movies, one that takes place in the future and one that takes place in the past. For the movie that takes place in the past, I have decided to do the 2002 film Chicago. This musical follows the life a woman who finds herself on death row for killing her lover. She goes to the extreme to make sure she is found not guilty.

Roxie Hart is a board stay at home housewife in 1924. She is unhappily married to her mechanic husband. One night while out with her lover, it is revealed that she dreams of stardom. Her lover tells her that he knows a friend at a club who can help her dreams come true. Unfortunately for him, when he reveals this Roxie shoots him in rage. When her husband comes home she convinces him to take the blame for her by telling the police that he was a burglar who was trying to assault her. However, the truth gets out and Roxie is arrested. When she is brought into prison, she meets the women whom she shares a cell block with. One of them is Velma Kelly, who Roxie idolizes. Velma is a singer who is on death row for killing her husband and sister who were having an affair. Roxie is informed about Billy Flynn, the lawyer Velma has hired. Billy is known for getting his clients off death row. Roxie recruits her husband into hiring Billy to take on her case. Billy does so, causing Roxie to become a sensation across Chicago. With a fake pregnancy, a husband who loves her, and a lawyer who is known for show antics nothing seems to stop Roxie from achieving her dream of stardom. Yes, Roxie is found not guilty. But, she finds herself in a bad place afterwards. Her husband divorces her after discovering she was never really pregnant and no one seems to like her singing. Eventually, Velma Kelly finds her and the two come up with a show that sells out quickly.

Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart both were murderesses who got off in the hit movie musical Chicago. In 2002, this movie premiered in theaters to delight audiences across the world. The singing and dancing along with the criminal background, there is nothing that stops this movie from making it’s mark in history.


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