The Thin Man

The Thin Man 1934 Poster.jpgWilliam Powell was quite the actor of his day. He had starred in several different movies ranging from a doting dad to a know it all detective. In the movie The Thin Man he portrayed a retired police detective Nick Charles. In 1934 The Thin Man came out with a mix of comedy and mystery all in one.

Nick and Nora Charles are your average married couple. The two work together, play together, and eat together. Nick a retire New York City police detective has relocated to San Francisco with Nora. The two decide to return to New York for the Christmas holidays. Once they get there Nick is contacted by an old colleagues daughter who’s father has mysteriously vanished. What was supposed to be a fun, simple, and enjoyable Christmas holiday turned into a game of cat and mouse for Nick and Nora. The two find themselves caught in the middle of a murder mystery when the colleague turns up dead. There are many suspects around, but can Nick figure out who the real killer is before the wrong one gets sent to jail?

The Thin Man is a classic movie mystery starring William Powell. On March 5, 1984 he passed away after creating several characters on screen. William Powell’s portrayal of Nick Charles is no different from several of the other characters he brought to life.


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