The Cutting Edge

Moira Kelly is an actress that I spent most of my teenage years watching on One Tree Hill. I remember watching the show and thinking that she looked very familiar. It was not until I re watched the 1992 romantic comedy The Cutting Edge. A story about two ice skaters from very different life styles go above and beyond to make it to the 1992 Olympics.

Kate Moseley (Kelly) is a well known figure skater who is a spoiled brat. Unfortunately, she finds herself in need of a new partner after she is dropped on the ice in the 1988 Olympics. She has trouble being able to hold onto a partner for her ice skating routines because of her attitude. After going through many different partners, Doug a well known hockey player ends up being paired with her. Put off by her attitude towards him, he is reluctant to help her with her ice skating career. Doug does so reluctantly, but not before putting Kate in her place first. The two find themselves falling in love at the ice rink. But, they put their feelings aside in order to reach their goal. When the final moment comes for the Olympic try outs, by a fluke, they are able to join the team. The big moment finally comes for Kate and Doug when their skills are put to the test in their final routine in the Olympics.

Moira Kelly was born on March 6, 1968 only to lead a life as an actress. Although, she tends to stay out of the spotlight, her career in film is inspiring and memorable. The Cutting Edge came out in 1992, featured Moira Kelly in one of her most memorable roles. This ice skating movie is a fun yet typical romantic comedy that will make you want to put on a pair of skates and go on the ice.


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