A League of Their Own

League of their own ver2.jpgMarch 8th is known as International Women’s Day. On this day people every where are discussing ways to encourage women and young girls to do what they love regardless of gender roles. A League of Their Own is a movie that represents just that. In 1992, this baseball classic came out about a group of young women who created their own baseball league. Following a true story, this inspiring movie is a reminder how far we have come for gender equality.

Dottie Hinson is going to a reunion 1988 to meet up with her old teammates from the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. This leads to a flashback to 1943 during World War II. There we learn that baseball has become halted due to the war effort. A young man convinces a group of people to sponsor an all girls league. This proves to be challenging as baseball, at the time, is considered a male sport. Eventually, he finds a group of young women and through them he is able to get the support he needs to have an all girls league. There are doubts as to whether or not the girls can compete in a baseball league. Even the coaches of the teams are against them. Including Jimmy Dugan, the head  coach on Dottie and Kit’s team. After Dottie and her sister Kit, they hear about the tryouts for an all girls league. They make it on the same team, they become friends with their fellow teammates. They find that baseball training is not as easy as it looks. Yet, they are able to make it through as a team finding themselves at the championship. However, it is not without drama as Kit ends up getting traded, one of the girls husband’s passes away, and Dottie finds herself choosing between baseball and marriage. There is an endless amount of possibilities as to what will happen to the group of women who came together as a team. We do find out many of the answers when the movie flashes forward to 1988 and we learn what happens to several of the characters, some have passed on. While others were able to move on with their life from the outfield.

A League of Their Own is an inspiring film to me. In the 1940’s it was not very common for young women to play sports, let alone have their own league. Yet, the times have changed with time. On International Women’s Day we are reminded that there are many places in the world that have gender equality issues and have yet to do something about it. A League of Their Own takes place during a time when the men were away at war and the women had to do the work from the home front. This 1992 classic film is a film to empower many young women to pursue what they want to do.


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