42nd Street

Forty-second-street-1933.jpgMany films are considered to be groundbreaking. Yet, there is no film like 42nd Street. This groundbreaking musical brings us into the life of two Broadway producers in the midst of the Great Depression. This 1932 film is inspiring through song and dance.

Jones and Barry are two Broadway producers who are putting on the musical Pretty Lady. The lead in the musical is heavily involved with the wealthy backer of the show. However, the lead is also seeing her former vaudeville costar. As the movie goes on we follow as the producers hire a director in order to bring the show to a new light. In comes Peggy, a naive newcomer who finds herself in the middle of a casting call with Ann and Lorraine. Due to Lorraine having a relationship with the dance instructor she makes sure that Peggy and Ann get cast. However, things don’t go so smoothly once the leading lady gets caught by the wealthy backer with her vaudeville boyfriend. This causes her vaudevillian boyfriend to get roughed up by a gangster. All of this distracts the leading lady causing her to get injured. Peggy finds herself getting the lead role after five weeks of rehearsal. Peggy finds herself falling in love with Billy, the shows juvenile lead. The show is a hit success with the audience, with Peggy receiving blessings from all of those around her.

42nd Street premiered on March 11, 1932 to the delight of audiences everywhere. This movie has gone on to inspire a new wave for several generations. 42nd Street is a movie that is filled with drama and music that are made using cinematic techniques that were new. 42nd Street is a groundbreaking musical that is sure to delight anyone that watches it.


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