Shirley Jones & Gordon MacRae in Carousel (1956): Gordon MacRae has had quite the movie musical career. His singing talent has been inspiring compared to many musical talents who have followed him. In the 1956 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Carousel, his performance is no different than the others.

Billy Bigelow is a rough talking barker on a carousel. One night he meets Julie Jordan and falls in love with her. Billy loses his job because the lady who runs the carousel has a crush on him. While Julie loses her job for not returning back home on time. Julie and Billy return to her hometown in Maine married. To the surprise of many others Julie tells Billy that she is expecting a child with him. Billy goes to drastic measures to make sure that his child will get the best of the best by partaking in a robbery. While everyone is enjoying themselves at a clambake Billy loses his life by running from the police.

Billy is spending his time in heaven not realizing how many years have gone by. He learns that he has a daughter Louise who is graduating high school soon. Billy returns to earth to see that Louise is suffering because of the mistake that he made. He makes himself visible to help encourage Louise to not make the same decision that he has made in his life. Things don’t go according to plan because Louise does not know who he is when he introduces himself to her. As the film closes, Julie and Louise are at her high school graduation with Billy encouraging her to follow her heart. Billy leaves the final reminder with Julie that he always loved her and still does before he finally moves on.

Carousel has Gordon MacRae in one of his finest roles as Billy Bigelow. In this 1956 classic we follow the story of a man who tries to do the right thing by making the wrong choices. On March 12, 1921 Gordon MacRae was brought into this world to have a legacy in movie musicals.


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