Iq film poster.jpgMarch 14 is commonly known as Pi Day in honor of the first three numbers in Pi 3.14. By coincidence, it is also Albert Einsteins Birthday. Einstein was a genius finding many new methods in math and science. IQ is a movie that has a fictionalized version of Albert Einstein in it. A cute romantic comedy that follows to young lovers from different sides of the IQ test.

The movie opens up with Albert Einstein wondering about the grand design of things. From there we are introduced to his niece Catherine Boyd who is on her way to receiving her doctorate in math. One day her car breaks down and meets Ed Walters who is a mechanic. Catherine is already engaged to a professor at Princeton, where she attends. Ed is immediately attracted to Catherine. Yet, he tries to put off his feelings for her when he learns about her background. Einstein sees the two together one day on a walk and decides that Ed is on the for her. So, with a little help form his friends Albert Einstein does a little meddling into the love lives of Catherine and Ed to push them together. After many comedic and well planned out distractions, Catherine realizes that Ed is one for her not the professor. In the end of the movie, Ed and Catherine are together looking at the sky for a comet that her deceased father had named after her.

Obviously, this movie is fictional with Albert Einstein having a niece named Catherine. Yet, this movie is quite funny following Albert Einstein as he uses his wit to push his niece to fall in love with a man who is far off the academic spectrum from him. Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1889 only to lead a life in discovery that would change science and math forever. I find it very interesting that he was born on Pi Day. So Happy Pi Day everyone!


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