Niagara poster.jpgHenry Hathaway is another unsung director and producer of Hollywood. In the movie Niagara he proves his talent like no other. Starring Marilyn Monroe we follow a murderous love story that becomes the subject of a honeymooners getaway.

Ray and Polly are your average newlywed couple. The two head off to Niagara Falls where the trouble starts off right away. Although, they don’t view this as trouble when they find out the cabin that they originally rented is still occupied by a married couple. Rose and George have a troubled marriage that they are trying to work out. However, George is the one who wants it to work, not Rose who is having an affair. One day Rose gets the call that her husband has been killed. Unfortunately, for Rose the person who was killed was the lover she was supposed to runaway with not George. George was supposed to be killed not him. Rose faints upon seeing him and is sent to a hospital. Meanwhile, Polly runs into George who wants to get revenge on Rose for what she tried to do to him. Polly finds out everything and tells her husband. However, Ray does not believe her. When Rose is murdered Polly approaches George who tells her the truth. In a flash Polly finds herself at George’s mercy along a dangerous raft ride on the river. Ray finds out, but will he be able to get the help in time to prevent Polly from meeting a murderous fate?

Niagara premiered in theaters in 1953 to be one of Fox’s highest grossing films of that year. Directed by Henry Hathaway we are brought into a dangerous game of cat and mouse between a distraught husband and a seemingly innocent wife. Polly and Ray find themselves in the middle of their feud by accident from the beginning of their basic average newlywed honeymoon. Niagara follows a murder mystery from the beginning.


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