Julius Caesar (1970)

209029~Julius-Caesar-Posters.jpgOn March 15, 44 the Julius Caesar was murdered. The phrase the Ides of March became accustom with the death of Julius Caesar through William Shakespeare’s play with his name. A fictitious story following the final moments of Julius Caesars life, this play has been portrayed time after time. In 1970, a movie starring Charlton Heston as Marc Antony and John Gieglund as Julius Caesar we are introduced to this legendary, classic, and tragic tale once again.

Staying true to the original script we are introduced to traditional Roman life through the eyes of Julius Caesar. One day while out he meets a sear who tells him to “beware of the Ides of March.” Caesar doesn’t pay much attention to this. But, we hear Brutus and Cassius plan out their assassination of Caesar. Due to the fact that Marc Antony has offered Caesar the crown three times. Caesar, who is good friends with Brutus, ends up being killed after rejecting his wife’s premonition and rejecting a petition sent by his brother. The conspirators make it clear as to who had killed Caesar. However, they state that they made it for Rome and not themselves. Yet, Brutus claims that unlike the rest of them he killed Caesar because he is worried that Caesar will do something against Rome. At Caesar’s funeral Brutus and Marc Antony make their final remarks. With Caesar buried Brutus finds himself fighting with Cassius constantly. After ordering many people to be killed close to Cassius, Brutus finds himself having to deal with battles that do him no good. Committing suicide after losing a battle, Marc Antony makes his final remarks about Brutus being the noblest of all because he killed Caesar with a clear head. This ends with leading up to the Shakespeare’s play Antony and Cleopatra.

Julius Caesar follows the final moments in one of the most famous conspiracy deaths of all time. Julius Caesar is most remembered for the way he was immortalized in the murder scene in William Shakespeare’s play with his name. In 1970 this became a movie leading up to the warning about the Ides of March that came from the soothsayer in the beginning.


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