Alien (1979)

A large egg-shaped object that is cracked and emits a yellow-ish light hovers in mid-air against a black background and above a waffle-like floor. The title "ALIEN" appears in block letters above the egg, and just below it in smaller type appears the tagline "in space no one can hear you scream".“In space no one can hear you scream” is the tagline for this famous movie. In this sci-fi horror film a team of astronauts are trapped in a spaceship with a monstrous beast. This movie still scares people with its horrific black monster called a xenomorph. Picked up by accident, this monster will give you nightmares.

In the beginning of the movie we are introduced to a team of astronauts on the spaceship the Nostromo. On their way home with cargo, they encounter an SOS signal. Three of the astronauts head out to check out the signal. However, one unlucky astronaut, Kane, ends up getting attacked by a creature that attached himself to his face. They hurry back and bring Kane aboard to the infirmary. Yet, getting the creature off his face is not easy as the blood is acidic and when they try to remove it, the grip gets tighter. While checking on Kane, we see the creature has removed itself. Dying quickly after the crew believes their troubles to be over with Kane seeming fine. But, while at dinner Kane starts having convulsions with his body moving in violent different positions. Out of nowhere, a creature bursts through Kanes chest, killing him and running off. The crew in terror sets out to find this creature that killed him. However, when they meet the creature again, he is a full grown beast. Killing off an engineer and the captain who tried to kill him; the remaining crew do what they can to escape. However, one of the crew member’s is an android who is sent to take the monstrous creature back with him. After killing off two more members of the crew, Ellen Ripley is left standing alone against this beast. The ultimate question for Ellen is will she be able to make it out alive or will she die at the hands of this monster?

Alien is a timeless classic in horror films with the way it was presented. There are many twists and turns that are taken advantage of that help the monster kill off the crew one by one. In later sequels, we learn that this monster is called a Xenomorph. In 1979, Alien premiered to scare audiences that it is still scaring today.

On March 16, 1926 Robert Goddard created the first liquid fuel rocket. Although, the ship in Alien is not the same as this one, without this invention there would be no Nostromo. Many space adventures in the air are able to happen because of Robert Goddards invention. The liquid fuel rocket was able to bring us into space and beyond.


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