Leprechaunposter.jpgHappy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! One of the most well known mythical creatures associated with this day are leprechauns. They are said to bring good luck to all around with a pot of gold. However, in the 1993 film Leprechaun we are introduced to an evil one. Although, poorly reviewed this film has gone on to become a cult classic with an active fan base.

Ten years prior to the events, Daniel O’Grady returns home from Ireland. Informing his wife he has brought a pot of gold that belonged to a leprechaun, he is unaware of the stowaway in his luggage. The leprechaun reveals himself after the pot of gold has been buried. After attempting to kill the leprechaun with a four leaf clover he locks him in a crate. Trying to burn the house down, he suffers a stroke landing him in the hospital.

Flash foward to 1993, the O’Grady house is being rented out by J.D. Redding and his daughter Tory. They meet Nathan, Ozzie, and Alex who are repainting the farmhouse. When Ozzie hears the leprechaun in the basement he mistakes him for a small child. Brushing the four leaf clover off the crate, the leprechaun is freed from captivity. Ozzie tries to tell others about what had happened, but they don’t believe him. Ozzie swallows a piece of the leprechauns gold after following a rainbow that lead to a bag of gold.

The leprechaun starts to attack the inhabitants of the house. Pretending to be a cat, he attacks J.D. by biting his hand causing him to be rushed to the hospital with the leprechaun close behind. With J.D. in the hospital, Ozzie and Alex visit a pawn shop to see if the gold is real. After leaving the shop, the leprechaun kills the owner with a pogo stick. Soon after they return home to see the place has been ransacked. The evil leprechaun makes his appearance and seems to be indestructible after they try to kill him. When all hope seems lost, Ozzie tells them about O’Grady informing them that his in a nursing home. The group heads out to the nursing home to find more information on how to kill the leprechaun. O’Grady tells them that the only way to kill him is with a four leaf clover. Soon after O’Grady dies due to the leprechaun following them and killing him. When Tory returns home she starts to look for the four leaf clover that had kept the creature busy. However, the leprechaun is not one to go down without a fight. Ozzie, Nathan, and Alex return to help Tory bring down the leprechaun once and for all. But, will they be able to do so?

Leprechaun is one of those films that many people hate, yet they can’t help but love. The story of a mystical creature who is said to do good turned evil. Leprechaun is a cult classic that still entertains people to this day with a pint size evil man.


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