Shakespeare in Love

Shakespeare in Love 1998 Poster.jpgHarvey Weinstein is quite the director and producer. Starting off from humble beginnings he has gone on to become of the most respected men in the movie business. Becoming the co-owner of Miramax and The Weinstein Company he is a well respected man who has brought stories to life that will live forever. This is no different than Shakespeare in Love. This 1998 film won the Oscar for Best Picture among an array of awards.

At the beginning of the movie we are introduced to William Shakespeare as he struggles to produce his next play. The year is 1583 and he is auditioning for the roles of Romeo and Juliet. A local girl Viola de Lesseps disguises herself as a man to audition. Much to her surprise she gets that part of Juliet. Shakespeare learns of Viola’s disguise, but he holds nothing against her. As it is illegal for a woman to be an actress, Shakespeare makes sure that Viola’s disguise as Thomas Kent is well kept. Yet, not all goes smoothly when Viola is asked to become engaged to Lord Wessex, a man who she does not care for. At the same time Shakespeare is struggling with the fact that he is in a loveless marriage with his wife whom he has separated from. Viola and Shakespeare already have an affair going on that inadvertently leads to Viola’s exposure as a woman. Due to the law, Shakespeare’s theater being shut down. Shakespeares popularity helps him in being able to put the show on without Viola in the role of Juliet. But, when the actor set to play Juliet has a little problem, Shakespeare runs to Viola to ask her to play the role. With special guest, Queen Elizabeth the First in the audience will Viola’s identity be exposed and ruin everything she has worked for?

Shakespeare in Love is a historical fiction film about one of the most iconic writers of all time. William Shakespeare is as inspiring in writing as Harvey Weinstein is in the film world. Harvey Weinstein was born on March 19, 1952 and I hope that he is having a very happy birthday today. So, I hope you have a good one Harvey!


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