The Lady Vanishes

The Lady Vanishes 1938 Poster.jpgThe name Redgrave is a common name that is heard through out the acting world. This named started with Michael Redgrave, a legendary actor who would three children who would enter into show business. One of his earliest roles was in one of Alfred Hitchcocks earliest thrillers, The Lady Vanishes. As stated in the title, a young tourist meets a woman who mysteriously vanishes without a trace.

Iris Henderson is an English tourist who is on her way to be married after being stranded. Being trapped at a hotel her neighbor Gilbert ends up being thrown out of his room. Much to her annoyance he ends up in hers. Angrily, she leaves her room along.the way she makes the acquaintance of Miss Froy, a former governess and music teacher. Miss Froy is in the same situation as Iris and the two start up a friendship. The next day the train comes with Gilbert, Miss Froy, and Iris catching it. Unfortunately, for Iris she is hit on the head with a potted plant and knocked out. She wakes up surrounded by people, including Miss Froy. Spending the night inside the compartment she wakes up and looks for Miss Froy. However, no one claims to know who Miss Froy is. Iris claiming that she knows Miss Froy is alive starts to look for her. The only person who she is able to convince about Miss Froy being alive is Gilbert. The two set out and search the train for Miss Froy. However, it is not before long when they discover that Miss Froy is part of spy ring for the government. There are many people everywhere who have gone through a great length to make Miss Froy disappear. Will Gilbert and Iris find her in time? If they do, then will they be able to help Miss Froy? Gilbert and Iris find themselves in the middle of a plot that is dangerous and risky. But, they are willing to do so for Miss Froy.

Michael Redgrave was born on March 20, 1908. Coming from a family of well known actors he followed in their footsteps to have inspirational success. The Lady Vanishes is one of his first appearances on film. In 1938, this was a modern thriller that scared audiences. I can’t help but wonder if many of them thought what they would do if they were in a situation like Iris and Gilberts. There was much at stake for them as they risked everything to find the truth about Miss Froy.


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