Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

The poster shows a young man smiling with his hands behind his head with the tagline, "Leisure Rules" being on the top of the poster. The film's title, the rating and production credits appear at the bottom of the poster.Matthew Broderick turns another year older today. The popular actor portrayed one of the most iconic teen characters of all time: Ferris Bueller. This wise cracking, easy going teen made his debut in 1986 as the boy who would have the best day off ever. Running around Chicago with his friends, there is nothing that will stop Ferris from achieving the teenage dream of having the best day while skipping school.

Ferris Bueller is a typical high school teenager who is living in Chicago. One day he decides to have a day off. After successfully tricking his parents into thinking that he is sick, he gets his wish. Soon after, he calls his best friend Cameron to help him pick up his girlfriend Sloane from school. When Cameron calls the school, the principal is already suspicious of Ferris’s skipping. While Cameron is on the phone pretending to be Sloane’s father Ferris calls and convinces the principal. Once Sloane is picked up from school, the three head off for a day around Chicago in Cameron’s father’s prized 1961 red Ferrari. However, Ferris’s sister and the principal figure out that Ferris is not sick. The principal goes to extreme lengths to make sure that Ferris is caught. While his sister ends up in jail after the police accuse her of filing a false police report. In reality, the principal had broken into Ferris’s house to prove that he is not sick, but out in about. As all of this is going on, Ferris and his friends are at Wrigley Field, visiting the Sears tower, touring the Art Institute of Chicago, and other popular places around area. When the group returns to Cameron’s house they notice the odometer is off on the Ferrari by 100 miles. Cameron unleashes a huge amount of rage on the car causing it to end up crashing in his backyard. After this Cameron realizes that he has to finally stick up for himself and have a conversation with his father who has dedicated much of his time to the vehicle. After bringing Sloane home, Ferris makes quite the run to returning to his house before his parents find out he was not really sick. He is able to return home in time, but not without Jeannie, his sister, spotting him running. Jeannie, who’s mother has picked her up, makes a mad dash to beat Ferris home. Yet, Ferris ends up beating Jeannie anyway with the principal close behind. Jeannie ends up finding his wallet and slamming the door in his face as the family dog attacks him. Ultimately, Ferris Bueller was able to pull off the ultimate day off by tricking his parents. Later on he prepares to return to school the next day.

Matthew Broderick’s portrayal of this iconic teen is still well known. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off came out in 1986 to give audiences the laughs of a day of skipping school that ends too well. On March 21, 1962 Matthew Broderick was born only to have a career in film that would still leave many laughing with the iconic role of Ferris Bueller.


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