The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club.jpgOn March 24, 1984 five teens met for the first and only time in a high school. They were from different walks of life and cliques. In the John Hughes classic The Breakfast Club, we are introduced to these youths. The five teens who are in Saturday detention for different reasons were able to come together and realize that they are not so different after all.

The movie starts out with the five students being dropped off. We are introduced to three of their parents for a couple of minutes. The parents scold and tell their children different reasons as to why they don’t want this to happen again. Whether it be from earning a scholarship to college or ruining their life, we learn early on where: Claire, the princess, Andrew, the jock, and Brian, the geek come from. When they enter detention they are introduced to Allison who is a basket case and Bender who is a criminal. The principal enters into the library and tells them what will happen during the day. After leaving the group of teens ignore each other for the most part. That is until Bender makes it so the library door does not close. After a scuffle with the door, the principal gives up and lets the door stay open. As the film goes on the group of teens start to talk about their different lives. Bender tells them about his abusive background. He tells them that his father is nothing more than a drunk who insults him on a daily basis. Brian is under extreme pressure from his parents to do well in school. We learn that he had attempted suicide due to a bad grade, which involved bringing a gun to school that resulted in him having detention. Claire is pawn between her parents when they start arguing about what is best in life. Andrew is set to live the life that his father wants for him, not the one that he wants. While Allison, deals with the fact that her parents are more concerned with their own problems than her. In between all of this revealing, we see Bender and the principal have it out over and over again due to his bad behavior. While the day goes on with antics such as smoking pot and wandering around the school, the five teens are able to realize that they are not so different after all. With Brian completing an assignment the principal had required in the beginning of the movie explaining to him about who they are, Claire gives Allison a makeover. Allison and Andrew warm up to each other sealed with a kiss. After this, Claire visits Bender in the closet that the principal had sent him too earlier and kisses him. At the end of the day, the group splits up and goes home. Although, in the film it is said that they only met once, part of me does wonder if they ever met up again afterward.

The Breakfast Club is a classic John Hughes film that most teens can relate to. The date the group met for the first, a supposedly only time, is March 24, 1984. A 1985 classic that reveals that teen angst is something that is real with all teens being able to relate to parental problems, the pressure of school, and romantic feelings. The Breakfast Club is one of those movies that all teens will watch at least once in high school.


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