A Streetcar Named Desire

Streetcar original.jpg“Stella! Hey, Stella” is one of the most well known lines in cinema history. Without Tennessee Williams we would not have this line, nor would we have A Streetcar Named Desire. Born on March 26, 1911, Tennessee Williams is one of the best known playwrights of all time. Several of his works have been made into movies, such as A Streetcar Named Desire.

The film opens with Blanche DuBois going to visit her sister Stella Kowalski. When she gets to the French Quarter in New Orleans, she realizes that Stella and her husband Stanley live in a cramped two bedroom apartment. As the two sisters reminisce, Blanche is spoken to harshly about her past by an abusive Stanley. Blanche reveals to Stanley that she was married once and widowed. Due to financial problems, she lost the estate that once belonged to her and Stella’s aristocratic family. As the film goes on we learn more about Stanley’s harshness after a night of poker with his friends. However, Stella is expecting and Blanche falls for Mitch, a friend of Stanley’s. A mentally unstable Blanche tells Stella that she still hopes for a proposal from Mitch. Mitch who has fallen in love with Blanche as well, says tells her that he wants to be with her for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, Stanley is skeptical to all of this about Blanche’s past. After Stella goes into labor, Stanley confronts Blanche about her past. Tearfully, Blanche tells him about her troubled past and her struggle with mental illness. Mitch, who is with Stanley, hears all of this with Blanche begging him for forgiveness. However, Mitch is hurt by not hearing the truth about Blanche’s mysterious past at first breaks everything off with her. As Stella’s labor goes on, an angry Stanley ends up raping Blanche. When the film closes, Blanche is being committed to a mental asylum with Stella finding the strength to stay leave Stanley once and for all.

A Streetcar Named Desire is one of the most well known plays and movies of all time. Tennessee Williams had quite the career in inspiring many writers from all around. A Streetcar Named Desire came out in 1951 to become one of the most beloved movies of all time.


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