The Man Who Knew Too Much

The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956 film).jpgThe Royal Albert Hall is one of the best known places for entertainment in London. On March 29, 1871 Queen Victoria opened the Hall for the first time. Known for its design and a series of shows that have been filmed live, the Royal Albert Hall is a happy place to be. However, in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1956 film The Man Who Knew Too Much a climatic thrill ride takes place there.

Ben and Jo McKenna are vacationing with their young son in Morocco. While aboard a bus, their son Hank accidentally finds himself in some trouble. A kind Frenchman helps them out, after some talk, the McKenna’s and the Frenchman pat ways. While out Ben runs into the Frenchman who is in disguise, he whispers something in his ear. As the Frenchman slowly dies, Ben McKenna that something is amiss. Things slowly become a nightmare for Ben and Jo when they learn their son has been kidnapped. Ben and Jo find themselves in a race against time not only to find their son, but to stop an assassination plot. Ben and Jo do everything they can, including going to the police. Unfortunately, the kidnappers are one step ahead of them. Ben finds himself in the clutches of the kidnappers only to escape and make it to Royal Albert Hall just in time to prevent the assassination of the Prime Minister. As a thank you, the Prime Minister invites Ben and Jo to the embassy. However, the ambassador is the one who had planned the assassination plot in the beginning. While this is unfolding, Jo sings a favorite song of Hanks loudly in hopes that her son will hear her. Hank does hear her, and Ben heads off to go get him. When he does, he runs into the Draytons, the couple who had taken Hank and were previously acquainted with the McKennas before the events, Mrs. Drayton lets Hank go. However, Ben finds himself at odds with Mr. Drayton who does not want to let Hank go. With Hank back, a scuffle ensues that results in Mr. Drayton being shot dead. Through all of this Hank is back in a hotel room with his parents happy to be reunited.

The Royal Albert Hall was used for the climatic scene in this movie. When Ben McKenna (portrayed by James Stewart) is running up the stairs trying to stop an assassination, he has to fight his way. Alfred Hitchcock directed the 1956 classic remake of The Man Who Knew Too Much that made audiences sit on the edge of their seat. There was a lot in Ben and Jo’s way for making sure that peace is restored and their family made it home safely.


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