And The Band Played On

And The Band Played On Film Poster.jpgThere are many reasons why doctors are important in the world. They are the ones who care for people who are sick, prescribe medications, and make sure people are well. March 30, is known as Doctor’s Day and they do deserve to have a day for them. One of the most profound movies that I enjoy that involve doctors is And The Band Played On. Following a group of doctors in 1980’s when AIDS first appeared there is nothing that one doctor will do to stop him from uncovering the truth about this, then, mysterious disease.

Don Francis is a doctor who has been to and from many different countries for medical assistance. One day he finds out that one of his colleagues has died from a mysterious illness. Having experience with Ebola, he presumes that his colleague died of the disease. However, when a new patient comes in he realizes that the symptoms are not the same as Ebola. As Don goes to uncover the truth he discovers that this disease is a new disease that no one knows about. While the film goes one we watch as Don and his colleagues work tirelessly to find out what is killing a mass amount of gay people in San Francisco. Don realizes that this disease is the same disease that has killed many patients and tries to warn people of the exposure risk. Many people view Don as being a threat to the gay community as he is trying to help figure out why the disease is spreading like it is. But, he does gain the support of Bill Kraus, an openly gay man, who wants to stop this epidemic from going farther than it already has. When Kraus discovers that he too has AIDS, he starts helping Don out more with his research on how to prevent the disease from spreading more. Learning that AIDS can be sexually transmitted and through blood, things start to change for Don as his team of doctors works with a group of French doctors uncovering the truth about an unstoppable disease. Unfortunately, many people die as the research has unfolded AIDS and the story of this disease causes change for the better.

And The Band Played On follows a group of doctors as they try to figure out what a, then unknown, disease is. Don Francis does what he has been doing his entire life, which is heal sick people. Unfortunately, this movie takes place in 1981 and AIDS was a brand new disease that no one really understood. Today we know more about AIDS and how to prevent it from spreading. Doctors, like Don, had worked tirelessly to figure out what and why was killing people, like Bill Kraus, so quickly and unstoppable. Today, AIDS is still around, yet there is research that will, hopefully, lead to a cure for this deadly disease. Happy Doctors Day everyone!


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