Rain Man

April 2nd is known as Autism Awareness Day. Many people are wearing the color blue to show their support for Autism. In the 1988 drama film Rain Man we are introduced to a man who discovers he has an autistic brother. Although, reluctant at first, he learns more about himself through him.

Charlie Babbitt is a basic wheeler and dealer who learns that his estranged father has died. Upon his father’s death he finds out that he has an autistic brother named Raymond. Charlie goes to visit Raymond in a mental institution after learning about him. After a fight with the court, Charlie ends up taking Raymond home with him. Trying to take out some money from his father’s estate Charlie tries to offer up a trade, but to no avail. Getting no where, Charlie and Raymond head back to Charlie’s home. After learning that Raymond has a fear of flying the two trek out on a cross country road trip to Los Angeles, where Charlie is living. When Raymond and Charlie arrive back in Los Angeles, Charlie realizes that he does care for Raymond more than he realized. He learns that Raymond used to live with him as a child, who he called Rain Man. Charlie receives the offer of $250,000 for Raymond and Charlie never has to see him again. Charlie refuses, unfortunately, he realizes that he is unable to give Raymond the care that he needs. Deciding to do what is best for Raymond ends up going back to the mental institution. However, this time Charlie promises Raymond that he will visit him once every two weeks. Raymond departs with a doctor, after Charlie says good-bye knowing that they will see each other again.

Rain Man is a 1988 drama film that raises the question of what would you do? In the beginning, Charlie wanted absolutely nothing to do with Raymond. However, as the movie progressed, Charlie begins to care for his autistic brother causing him to make hard decisions. April 2nd, 2016 is the 8th Annual Autism Awareness Day. There are many adults like Raymond who have Autism or another disability that aren’t as lucky to have a understanding family. Happy Autism Awareness Day!