Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy hollow ver2.jpgI know that Sleepy Hollow is commonly associated with the holiday Halloween. But, Washington Irving was born on April 3, 1783. The man who wrote this famous short story has written many other things. Yet, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow seems to be his most famous piece of work yet.

Ichabod Crane is an outcast police constable living in New York 1799. One day he receives the orders to go to Sleepy Hollow, New York where a series of mysterious murders have been happening. Along the way to Sleepy Hollow he reviews the case and has flashbacks of his childhood with his mother. One he arrives in Sleepy Hollow he comes upon a party that the local townspeople are having. He finds that he is not as welcomed as he thought he would be. Yet, he does learn about the deceased victim. The town council informs him about each of┬áthe victims are found decapitated done by the ghost of a Hessian soldier from the Revolutionary War. Ichabod believes this to be nonsense. Later on he learns about more murders that are happening while making the acquaintance with Katrina Van Tassel, who’s father is on the town council. Upon performing an autopsy and learning that a female victim was pregnant at the time, Ichabod starts delving deep into the mystery of Sleepy Hollows past. With the help of an orphaned boy known as Young Masbeth, he finds himself in the woods and encountering the horseman himself. However, after the horseman attacks Sleepy Hollow and kills the local midwife and her family, and murders the town council Ichabod starts to believe that Katrina is behind it all. Heading back home to New York, he realizes that he has made a terrible mistake when he reads a spell book that Katrina gave him. He learns that the “spells” that she was casting was for the town’s and his protection. When Ichabod gets back he discovers that one of the recent murder victims has a post-mortem cut on her hand. This supposed victim is the stepmother of Katrina Van Tassel. Rushing against time, Ichabod rushes to save Katrina. While Ichabod in on, Katrina learns about her stepmother’s past. Katrina’s stepmother tells her about how the town had turned against her once her father had passed away. She is the one who has been summoning the horseman using black magic to avenge her destroyed childhood. Ichabod arrives with Young Masbeth in tow to help Katrina get away from her stepmother. However, will they be able to escape a horseman who has been sent to kill them both by a vengeful woman?

In 1999, Tim Burton brought the Washington Irving short story to life on screen. Sleepy Hollow does stray a bit from the original short story. However, it is still a good movie that follows a town with a secret past. Washington Irving was born on April 3, 1783, only to become known as one of the great storytellers of all time.