Miracle film.jpgOn April 6, 1896 the first “modern” Olympic games took place in Athens, Greece. These games would go on to become a symbol of sportsmanship and unity across the world. There are many people who look forward to watching the Olympic games, whether they be Summer or Winter, every other year. In the 2004 movie Miracle,we follow the U.S. Hockey Team as they take on the then, USSR in the 1980 Winter Olympics.

In 1980, University of Minnesota hockey coach Herb Brooks interviews with the U.S. Olympic Committee. He discusses his plan on bringing home the gold for the United States in the upcoming Olympics. Herb finds himself as the coach of the United States Hockey Team. The team is at first reluctant to work together as one due to rivalry from the time they were in college. Finally, getting each team member to realize that they have to work together as a team in order to win, things start to change. As the film goes on we watch as they win and lose games. After all of the practice that they are put through Herb and his team find their way to the Olympic games. The U.S. hockey team wins the amount of matches they need to make it to the finals. However, the final team that they must go up against to compete for the gold is the USSR. Through out an aggressive and exhausting match, the U.S team defeats the USSR in an upset. With the team winning, the movie ends with Herb standing alongside his team as the U.S. had just won the Gold medal a couple days later.

The Olympic Games are a sporting event that happen every other year. Alternating, summer and winter sports they are an event that many people clamor to watch and cheer on their home country. In the 2004 movie Miracle, we are brought back to the 1980 Olympic Winter Games where the U.S. Men’s Hockey team won the gold medal after winning a game that many people thought they would not win.


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