The General

The General poster.jpgOn April 9, 1865 the American Civil War ended. There have been many different cultural depictions that portray the war. But, none of them are like the 1926 film The General. In this comedy about a man who is swept up in the war due to his position as a railroad engineer.

Johnnie lives a very simple life as a train engineer. He has a fiancee named Annabelle who he cannot wait to marry. However, things start to go awry for Johnnie when the American Civil War breaks out. As the engineer for a train he finds out that his job is too valuable and therefore he would not be accepted as a soldier for the Confederate army. Sadly, Annabelle ends up breaking up with him, leaving him a year to work on the train. Yet, not all seems to be lost for Johnnie as he runs into Annabelle who has been informed her father is injured. With Johnnie running into Union spies everywhere on the train, he ends up finding himself taking prisoner. Eventually, Annabelle finds herself in the same position. The two of them end up having to sneak out in order to inform them of the attack that is about to come. Luckily, Johnnie is able to do so and ends up being inducted into the army winning Annabelle back.

The American Civil War is a comedy starring Buster Keaton that is still well known today. With Keaton portraying a young man wanting to join the Confederate army and going through many trials to get there. On April 9, 1865, the American Civil War ended with Robert E. Lee, a Confederate General, surrendering to Ulysses S. Grant, a Union General, at the Appomottax Courthouse in Virginia, ending the war once and for all.