House of Wax (1953)

Houseofwax1.jpg3D Movies have become common to watch in theaters nowadays. In fact, there are special showings for several movies where you have the option or not. Yet, this would not have been possible if some people did not push the boundaries with technology to make this happen. On April 10, 1953 House of Wax was released. This movie starring Vincent Price was Warner Brothers first 3D film.

Henry Jerrod is a well liked wax artist. One day his partner betrays him and burns his museum down. It is believed that Henry has died with the museum. However, he has not died and seeks revenge on his former partner and many people around him. After killing his partner and turning him into a wax statue, Henry is able to open his wax museum again. However, he is bound to a wheelchair and is unable to use his hands. One day a young woman, Sue Allen, recognizes one of his statue as a friend of hers. Upon seeing this, she is startled and tells her fiancee about the likeness of this statue. Henry informs her that it is probably a coincidence and her fiancee agrees. Yet, Sue has her suspicions and returns to the wax museum. To her horror, she learns that the statue is of her friend. Quickly, she learns that all of the current statues in this building are of real people who Henry had killed. When Sue tries to escape she is cornered by Henry, who reveals that he can walk, and his partner Igor. When Sue tries to fight Henry off, she breaks the wax around his body revealing his horribly burned body. Shocked, she faints only to find herself bound. Henry is prepared to turn her into a wax figurine just like her friend. Yet, not all is lost as the police arrive just in time to save her from a horrible fate. Henry tries to escape but ends up dying in the end.

3D in film has grown since House of Wax premiered on April 10, 1953. Released by Warner Brothers, this film marks the first time a 3D film was released by a major motion picture. With groundbreaking technology at the time, House of Wax was able to pave the way for many new films to come out in 3D.

The Great Gatsby (1974)

Great gatsby 74.jpgMy most favorite book of all time, besides the Bible, is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. On April 10, 1925 this book was released. At the time it was a failure, none the less this book is well known today. In 1974, Mia Farrow and Robert Redford starred in a fabulous film adaptation of this book.

Nick Carraway is going to spend the summer in West Egg on Long Island. When he gets there he meets his second cousin Daisy Buchanan and her husband Tom Buchanan. Tom and Nick are old friends who attended Yale together. However, Tom is from old money,  so he and Daisy are well off living in mansion on Long Island. Daisy introduces her friend Jordan to Nick in hopes the two can start a relationship. Yet, Nick is not wealthy like his relatives are. Things start to go in a different direction for Daisy when Jordan mentions that she has been to his neighbors house for a few parties. Upon hearing the name Gatsby, Daisy is startled and shocked. When Tom gets a phone call from the kitchen, it is revealed that Tom is having an affair with a woman in town.

As the film goes on we are introduced to Jay Gatsby, a mysterious man who no one knows about. When Nick attends a party that he is invited to, unlike the the other guests, he learns that not many people know who Jay Gatsby is. Later on it is revealed that Daisy and Jay were once involved together. Jay specifically chose the location of his house to win Daisy back after telling her to wait for him when he came back from World War I. Nick learns that Jay and Daisy are having an affair with both of them being happy. However, things take a wrong turn when Tom finds out leading the crew to take a trip into New York City for the day. On the way, they stop for gas where Tom’s mistress lives. Myrtle and George Wilson are a poor run down couple with Myrtle wanting more out of life. George realizes that Myrtle is having an affair and decides to leave town for good. This news does not sit well with Tom as he knows that Daisy is having an affair as well.

While spending the day in the Plaza hotel, Tom reveals everything he knows about Jay Gatsby. He tells Daisy that Jay got all of his money from bootlegging and gambling. Jay and Daisy leave the hotel only for tragedy to strike. When Tom and Nick are driving home they learn that Myrtle has been killed in a hit and run driven by the same car that Jay owns. Unfortunately, it was Daisy who was driving and Jay is merely covering it up for her. Tragedy strikes again as Jay ends up being shot and killed by George Wilson, who turns the gun on himself. Nick realizes the type of people Tom and Daisy are, reckless and uncaring. They don’t care about what happens around them as long as they get what they want. Tom and Daisy get to keep their reputation while the media reports that Jay and Myrtle were the two having the affair and George killed him out of revenge. Nick decides to leave West Egg back to his hometown in the Mid west, not forgetting the man who he called Gatsby.

The Great Gatsby is one of those films that stayed very true to the book. The movie did not stray as much from the book as some movies have in the past. In 1974, The Great Gatsby premiered to audiences world wide. On April 10, 1925, The Great Gatsby came out in paperback. At the time the book was a failure and F. Scott Fitzgerald died believing that his work would be lost forever. However, he was wrong with The Great Gatsby being known as one of the best books of all time.