Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

On April 13, in two separate years, a famous actor and famous director came into the world. Howard Keel was born in 1919 and director Stanley Donen was born in 1924. The two of them collaborated on the famous 1954 musical film Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Taking place in the Oregon Territory where a man seeks a bride to help out in his home with his six younger brothers.

In 1850, Adam Pontipee heads into town to find himself a bride. When he finds Milly, a cook in a local tavern, he falls for her and she falls for him. Soon, Milly and Adam head on back to Adam’s home in the mountains. Once there she finds that Adam and his six brothers are in need of some structure. Through song and dance, Milly teaches Adam’s six brothers on how to talk and woo women. Later on, Milly with Adam and his brothers head into town for a barn raising. Everything seems to be going well for brothers. Unfortunately, the girls who the Pontipee brothers pick are already taken by suitors in town. A fight breaks out with Milly upset, heading home in tears. Adam convinces his brothers to go into town to “pick up” the girls. They go and bring the girls back to their cabin with an angry mob behind them. However, winter is the current season and an avalanche happens. The six girls run to Milly upon arrival, who in turn kicks out Adam and his brothers until they learn their lesson. As the film goes on, the six unwed Pontipee brothers change winning the hearts of girls who they kidnapped. Eventually, they are let back into the house. However, Adam is not as willing to admit his mistake to Milly. Even when Adam learns that Milly is expecting a child he still won’t admit it. When the snow melts, the men in town head into the mountain to go get the six girls who were kidnapped. While they are on their way Milly has a baby girl and Adam learns from his errors. When the angry men arrive they hear a baby cry with each of the six girls claiming they had the baby with their respective Pontipee brother. The film ends with them all getting married.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers would not have been possible without Howard Keel in the lead role as Adam Pontipee and Stanley Donen as director. Howard Keel and Stanley Donen were born on the same day, April 13, but different years, 1919 and 1924 respectively. In 1954, these two legends came together to create a well beloved musical by the name of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.


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