Summer Magic

Summer Magic (theatrical poster).jpgBurl Ives is one of the most well known names in movies. He has gone above and beyond composing songs and acting in several different films. In the 1963 Disney film Summer Magic. In this enchanting musical we are introduced to the Carey family who relocated from Boston to Maine.

The Carey family is a close knit family who has suffered a tragedy. The father and husband has died and the rest of the family has no money left. When Nancy Carey remembers a house in a little town in Maine that the family commented on. Nancy writes to the owner asking them if they could stay. To her surprise, the owner responds back and says yes. So, Nancy, her mother and two brothers pack up and leave. Upon arrival they learn that not many people stay around in the town and leave as soon as possible. But, what they don’t know is that it was not the owner of the house that wrote them back. Osh Popham intercepted the letter and wrote back. The original owner is out of town and his unaware of this arrangement. The Carey family stays unaware of this while fixing up the house that they are renting. While this is going on their cousin Julia comes to stay. Julia is not as well liked by the Nancy and her two brothers. Yet one night, she and Nancy end up reconciling after the dog the family took in breaks into her room. Meanwhile, the owner of the house Osh Popham has been letting the Carey family stay in shows up unexpectedly. By telling the family to throw a giant party on Halloween in honor of his mother, they do so. Osh shows up to the Halloween party with his nagging wife and his son and daughter who have grown friendly with the family. The truth comes out to the Carey family while Nancy dances the night away with the owner.

Summer Magic stars the legendary Burl Ives who died on April 14, 1995. His voice is one that we all know and recognize as he has done quite a bit of voice over work. In Summer Magic he stars as Osh Popham, a man who falsely rents a house to a loving family. Burl Ives is one man who is well remembered through out history.


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