Sabrina (1954)

Sabrina 1954 film poster.jpgWilliam Holden is one of the most iconic actors of all time. He has portrayed a versatile of characters within his career. On April 17, 1918 William Holden was born, so today he would be ninety-eight years old. In the 1954 movie Sabrina he stars as a playboy heir who catches the eye of the chauffeurs daughter.

Sabrina Fairchild is in love with David Larrabee, one of the Larrabee son’s. David pays no attention to Sabrina, yet she watches him from afar. One night, David takes a girl away from the party to a tennis court where Sabrina witnesses him kiss her. Distraught, she writes her father a suicide note. She attempts suicide by turning all of the cars on in a locked garage. Only at the last moment she is saved by the other Larrabee brother, Linus. He takes her inside shocked at her foolishness in the matter. After her failed suicide attempt, her unknowing father has her sent off to Paris for a year. Although, going to Paris for a year is not something that she wanted to do, she comes back a grown up woman.

At the train station on her way back home she catches the eye of David Larrabee who does not recognize her. He takes her home only to be shocked at her transformation. David falls for Sabrina, yet he is being forced into a marriage. Linus realizing that David has feelings for Sabrina tries to ensure that he does not see her on a date. However, this does not stop David from seeing Sabrina. Against his fathers and her father’s wishes he starts to take her out. The only problem is, the more Linus tries to sabotage David and Sabrina’s relationship he finds himself falling in love with her. In the end David ends up calling off his marriage. He runs into Larrabee towers where he tells Linus that he knows that Linus loves Sabrina. Linus realizing that David is right takes off after Sabrina. Sabrina reunites with Linus and the two embrace on a boat heading to Paris.

Sabrina is a truly delightful film to watch. William Holden stars alongside Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart in a fairy tale setting. A young girl who no one realizes ends up becoming the one who is fairest of them all. William Holden was born on April 17. 1918, and is as a beloved actor today as he was back then.

Pretty in Pink

“Everything is just Duckie” has become a well known phrase today. In 1986, Jon Cryer brought the comical character to life in John Hughes Pretty in Pink. On April 16, 1965, Jon Cryer was born and he is probably best known for bringing this lovable underdog to life.

Andie Walsh is a working class girl who is pretty and smart high school senior. She lives with her under employed, yet loving, father after her mother left. When Blane McDonough starts to show interest in her there are some problems because he is rich. Andie is cautious about starting a relationship with Blane due to his social status. With her best friend Duckie, who is in love with her, and her mentor Iona who works with her at the music store TRAX she knows she has many people around to support her. As Blane makes his move on Andie, she is warned by Duckie and others that Blane will only hurt her. Even though, Blane has no intention of doing so.However, Andie agrees to go on a date with Blane leading to disaster with Andie distancing herself from Blane. Much of this is due to Blane’s best friend, Steff, who has a crush on her, yet insults her due to her social status. Blane decided to take Andie with him to a party that Steff was hosting where she was treated poorly. Andie leaves telling Blane about her social status and why they won’t work as a couple. With prom coming up and no date, Andie decides to go anyway making her own dress. The dress that she makes is out of two dresses that were given to her. At the prom she finds Duckie who escorts her inside. Once inside Blane tells Steff off by saying that he knows how horrible of a person he is. Duckie tells Andie to go after Blane because he knows that she will regret it. The two meet up in the parking lot where they make out. While inside, Duckie catches the eye of a girl who is dancing, so he heads over there.

Pretty in Pink brought one of the most iconic characters in movie history to life. In 1986, Jon Cryer portrayed Duckie, the lovable geek who had his own way about doing things. On April 16, 1965 Jon Cryer was born, meaning that today he turns another year older. Even though, he has gone onto have a well known career in television and movies, to me he is the lovable Duckie.