Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle

April 20th has become known as 4/20 or a day to smoke weed. In the 2004 Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle is a comedy about everything that can go wrong on a trip to get burgers. Once these two stoners get the munchies one too many things get in their way. But, that does not stop them.

When we are introduced to the two roommates we learn that they have two different work ethics. Harold is a workaholic who ends up picking up work for many of his coworkers and has a crush on neighbor Maria who doesn’t really notice him. Kumar, on the other hand, is a slacker who spends most of his time going to interview for medical school just so his father will keep giving him rent money. One night the two smoke a bag of weed. While high they get the munchies with a TV commercial of White Castle to boot. Upon seeing this commercial they realize that they absolutely need to have White Castle burgers. So, the two stoners head out to get what they want. Along they way they end up getting attacked by a raccoon, end up in the backwoods with a hideous hillbilly and his beautiful wife, and find themselves encountering their rivals. Yet, nothing seems to stop them, even a trip to the emergency room and being thrown in jail cannot stop Harold and Kumar from going to White Castle. After a few more trials they do get to White Castle after stealing a car from the people who have been tormenting them. The original car they were driving got stolen by Neil Patrick Harris when they left him alone in it at a gas station. Once they get there they enjoy their meal after Neil Patrick Harris bails them out. While at White Castle, Harold sees the two people at work who he ends up doing their work for. He tells them that he knows everything about them and that he will never “help” them out again after getting a confidence boost. Later, Harold and Kumar return home where Harold finally asks out Maria, to which she agrees. However, she is heading out to Amsterdam for a trip. So, the two of them decide to head out after her.

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle is one of those comedies that still makes me laugh. This 2004 stoner comedy follows the misadventures of two people who just want to have White Castle burgers. April 20th has become known as 4/20, a day to smoke weed, just like Harold and Kumar.


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