Atonement (2007) - I only liked the first half, when the little girl wasn't grown up yet.: In the 2007 romantic drama Atonement a treacherous lie tears apart the lives of two lovers. One of the stars of this movie, James McAvoy was born on April 21, 1979. James shined in Atonement as a man wrongfully accused of tragic crime.

Briony Tallis is a thirteen year old aspiring writer living in wealthy family in 1935. At her family’s estate in England she makes her mark to everyone around her. She has a secret crush on Robbie Turner, the son of the Tallis housekeeper. One evening, Briony catches Robbie in an embrace with her older sister Cecelia. Before she witnesses this, she reads the wrong apology letter Robbie wrote for Cecelia and saw Robbie help Cecelia in her underwear out of fountain. All of this was misunderstood by the young thirteen year old who convinces herself that her crush is a sex maniac. That night with cousins visiting, two of them go missing. Out on the search for the cousins, Briony witnesses a man raping her cousin Lola. She tells Lola that it was Robbie, even though she did not see his face. Robbie is arrested and sent to prison. Yet, Robbie’s mother and Cecelia do not believe that Robbie committed the crime.

The movie flash forwards to the year 1939 where Robbie is in the army. In an agreement, they would let him out of prison under the terms that he serves during World War II. He is in Dunkirk awaiting evacuation to go home to see Cecelia. He has married Cecelia, who has cut off all contact with her family since Robbie was sent away. In the meantime, Briony is trying to make contact with her sister again. However, Cecelia cannot forgive Briony for what she did. Briony now works in the nursing corps in London. Cecelia takes it that Briony is only doing this to make up for what she did to Robbie. One day, Briony attends the wedding of Lola. Just as Lola is walking up the aisle with her husband, Briony realizes that it was Lola’s husband who raped her. Upon realizing this she goes to Cecelia to explain everything. Unfortunately, Lola cannot testify against her rapist as they are married now. Cecelia tells Briony that she still cannot forgive her and Robbie almost kills her in rage for ultimately ruining his life. Briony leaves the pair and goes back to work.

The movie then goes to the year 2007 where Briony is being interviewed about her new book. The book is based on the love story of Cecelia and Robbie. It is revealed that Robbie and Cecelia were only married in the book, never in real life. Robbie died of septicemia while awaiting evacuation at Dunkirk. A few months after he passed. Cecelia died in an air raid bombing at Belham station when a water mane was broken. Briony reveals she was never able to make things right with her sister and to this day the lie is her biggest regret. She tells the interviewer that she looks at this book as giving Robbie and Cecelia the time they longed for and deserved, but never got. She also reveals that she is dying of vascular dementia and wants to preserve Robbie and Cecelia before she loses her memory all together. The movie closes with Robbie and Cecelia on the beach where their home would have been located. The two are together and happy, the final scene, in my opinion takes place in the afterlife where the two will never part again.

Atonement has the aspects to a great movie. James McAvoy starred as Robbie Turner who became victim of a lie told by a thirteen year old brat. Every time I watch this movie, I fall in love with it over and over again.