WALL-Eposter.jpgApril 22 is called Earth Day! A day to celebrate and honor the planet that we live on. We only have one world to live in, yet sadly, there are many things destroying the environment. In the 2008 Disney/Pixar film Wall-E we are introduced to the consequences of pollution.

In the year 2805, planet Earth is a dump that is completely uninhabitable. There is a lonely robot called Wall-E who searches the area around him. One day, Wall-E meets another robot by the name of EVE. The first meeting of Wall-E and EVE does not go well. EVE views Wall-E as a threat and Wall-E is shy and has never been in this situation before. Wall-E and EVE warm up to each other with Wall-E returning with EVE to Axiom.┬áThis is where humans, who are now extremely obese and unhealthy are living now. Aboard a ship, Wall-E watches the humans being carted around on scooters and are completely dependent on technology around them. Later on EVE shows the captain of the ship her footage from Earth. After some struggle and harsh convincing it is decided to return to Earth. However, the planet is uninhabitable due to all the waste. Unfortunately, tragedy has befallen Wall-E because AUTO, another robot, does not understand what is going on electrocutes. This causes Wall-E to deactivate breaking EVE’s heart. Yet, when they arrive on Earth EVE is able to reactivate Wall-E. Sadly, he just goes back to his old routine with his memory erased. But, in the end Wall-E gets back together with EVE.

Wall-E comes off as the fun kids movie to watch with your family. But, in truth it is a terrifying warning of what can come if we don’t take care of the planet we live on. April 22 is called Earth Day to celebrate and learn about the world we live on.