Psycho (1960)

Alfred Hitchcock may have been known as the “Master of Suspense.” But, he created one of the best known horror films of all time. In the 1960 horror classic Psycho there are twists and turns surrounding a reclusive young man and the motel that he and his mother run.

Marion Crane wants to help her boyfriend out of a financial situation. Her boyfriend, Sam, is in the middle of a messy divorce with his ex-wife wanting everything from him. One day at Marion’s job she is asked to deposit some money for a man. When Marion volunteers to do so she has an ulterior motive by taking the money and giving it to Sam. Upon returning to her apartment, she packs up and leaves. Along the way Marion becomes more paranoid imagining the voices of her boss and the man who she stole the money from. The next day she buys a new car after being followed by a policeman who caught he sleeping in her old car on the side of the road. Traveling along the way she starts to become tired again. With the rain coming down hard and fast, she decides to check into the motel that she sees.

The name of the motel is Bates Motel, when she goes into to get a room she meets Norman. When Norman asks her to stay and eat dinner with him, she finds him kind but stand offish. When Norman goes to tell his mother about the dinner, she hears a conversation about her with his mother referencing her as a whore. Knowing that there is something not quite right, Marion volunteers to eat dinner alone. Yet, Norman insists leading her into a strange conversation where she is even more put off by his attitude. After dinner Marion goes into her room where she counts the rest of the money that she has. Ultimately, she decides she wants to make things right and return the rest. However, she takes a shower and is killed by Norman’s mother. When Norman sees her body, he puts her in the trunk of her car and lets the car go down into a lake. Believing his crime to be covered up, he goes back.

A few days later Marion’s sister Lila approaches Sam at his job with a private investigator. Sam learns that Marion had stolen money and is wanted by the police. When he tells Lila that he has not heard from Marion the two start to work together in order to find out what happened. Yet, at the private investigator, Arbogast, insists on going alone at first. Arbogast happens upon the Bates Motel where he informs Norman of the missing Marion. Norman identifies a picture of Marion giving Arbogast more information. After meeting Norman, he realizes that something is not quite right. He decides to stay awhile and calls Lila and Sam to tell him of his location. When Arbogast goes inside the Bates house he is killed by Normans mother in the same way that Marion was killed, with a knife.

After not hearing from Arbogast, Lila and Same decide to take matters into their own hands. They go to the sheriff who tells him that it is likely that Marion and Arbogast just ran off. The sheriff proceeds to give them more unsettling information about Norman Bates and his mother, such as his mother being dead for several years. With the sheriff proving to be no help, Lila and Sam decide to go to the Bates Motel to look around some more. When they arrive they get a room and plot a way to get more information. Sam distracts Norman while Lila goes inside the Bates house. Once inside she discovers the truth that unravels to the mystery that has been surrounding the Bates Motel since her sister arrived. But, I won’t give out the secret.

Psycho is one of the most well known films of all time. Alfred Hitchcock directed this 1960 horror classic that startled audiences everywhere with the ending. On April 29, 1980, Alfred Hitchcock passed away leaving behind many more iconic works.

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