Gone with the Wind

Margaret Mitchell won the Pulitzer Prize on May 3, 1937 for her famous book Gone with the Wind. This famous novel would be turned into one of the most iconic movies of all time. Although, Gone with the Wind has become a controversial film today, this movie is still beloved by many today.

Scarlett O’Hara is a typical girl growing up in Atlanta, Georgia on her parents plantation. When she hears that the man who she loves is set to be married she asks him immediately the next day at a barbecue.¬†While there, Ashley, the man who Scarlett loves, confirms that he is to marry Melanie. Right after this the American Civil War breaks out. But, not before Ashley marries Melanie and Scarlett marries a man out of spite. Upon hearing of her husbands passing, Scarlett partakes in traditional mourning at a local dance. While there she meets up with Rhett Butler who encourages her to dance. Scarlett had met Rhett before, she knows that he is aware that she did not love her husband. Encouraged by Rhett, Scarlett dances the night away. Sadly, war is going on in leading to many of Scarlett’s friends to be killed. Out of love for Ashley, Scarlett watches after Melanie to make sure that she is safe when it is revealed that she is with child. However, things get dangerous when Atlanta starts to burn and Melanie goes into labor. With the assistance of Rhett, her maid Prissy, and Scarlett herself, Melanie gives birth to a healthy baby boy.

When the Civil War ends, Scarlett finds herself like the rest of her friends and neighbors, broke and destitute. Living on Tara once again, Scarlett make sure that everything stays in order. One day while out on the road, Scarlett is attacked by a man. Thankfully, Big Sam, a freed slave, hears her cries for help and saves her life. This upsets her father who ends up going mad. When her father dies Scarlett finds herself in another hole of making everything work. Things start to go out of order on Tara. She realizes that she has to make ends meet. She does so by marrying the man who her sister was meant to marry. However, he dies and she finally marries Rhett Butler. Scarlett takes her help: Mammy, Prissy, and Big Sam with her to Rhett’s new house. However, Scarlett’s reputation gets ruined when she and Ashley are caught in an embrace. Upset that her reputation has been ruined, she is encouraged by Rhett to go to a party in Ashley’s honor. Once inside Melanie greets her with open arms. Later on in the film Scarlett gives birth to a little girl. The happiness that Rhett and Scarlett feels is short lived because their daughter dies in a riding accident. When this happens Melanie visits the house only to find herself falling with sickness. Scarlett and Rhett pay a visit to Melanie and Ashley, shortly after Melanie dies. Ashely confesses his love for Scarlett, but Scarlett realizes that she has loved Rhett all along. When Scarlett chases after Rhett, she finds that he has packed his bags. Once he leaves, Scarlett decides to return to Tara to start her life over again.

Gone with the Wind is one of the most beloved, yet controversial, films in history. On May 3, 1937, Margaret Mitchell won the Pulitzer prize for this epic book. In 1939, Gone with the Wind came out to delight audiences every where.

In fact, Hattie McDaniels became the first female African-American to win an Academy Award as Best Supporting Actress for her role as Mammy. I will say her performance in this film was fantastic. Gone with the Wind is classic that still strikes up a conversation.