Cinderella (1950)

Ilene Woods voiced one of the most iconic characters of all time: Cinderella. In the 1950 classic she was able to bring Cinderella to life on screen. The movie follows the story that everyone knows, but Cinderella would not be the same without the voice of Ilene Woods.

Cinderella is an orphan living in her father’s house under the cruelty of her stepmother and two stepsisters. She has befriended many of the animals at the house that she lives in, especially the mice. The only pet she hasn’t befriend is her stepmother’s pet cat, Lucifer, who takes pride in making her life miserable. One day, the king decides to hold a ball for his son to find a prince. Upon hearing of the news, Cinderella’s stepmother starts to prepare her daughters for the ball in hope they will be one of girls the prince picks. Cinderella insists that she goes, but her stepmother tells her that she must finish all of her chores. She does this to delay Cinderella from getting her dress ready for the ball. However, the mice and birds help her out and finish the dress for her.Sadly, the dress is destroyed by the two stepsisters when they discover that Cinderella was wearing some pieces that belonged to them. Once they leave Cinderella goes into the garden where she meets her fairy godmother. In a singing flash, Cinderella is off to the ball where she is to meet the prince. Once there she captures the heart of the prince, but leaves him suddenly when the clock strikes midnight, which is when the magic ends. Knowing that everything she has is going to be reduced to what it was before. After evading the Calvary, she returns back to her home. The next morning she finds out that the prince is looking for her promising not to stop until he finds her. However, her stepmother figures this out and locks her in her ┬ároom. The mice knowing that the Grand Duke is on the way work together to get the key to open the door. The two stepsisters are able to keep the Grand Duke busy by trying on the glass slipper numerous times. Just as they are about to leave, Cinderella makes her way downstairs to try on the slipper.She does so, but not before her stepmother trips the man holding it. But, Cinderella has the other slipper proving that she is the girl the prince is looking for. The prince and Cinderella are married only to live happily ever after.

The 1950 Cinderella movie has had many different spin offs based on the ending of the movie. Ilene Woods portrayed, probably, the most iconic Disney princess of all time. On May 5, 1929, Ilene Woods was born with a voice fit for a princess.