May 8, 1945 will be forever known as Victory in Europe Day! On this day Germany surrendered with the start of peace being restored. Although, this road would be a long and hard one for those who lived in the countries who surrendered, today is best known for the day the Nazis were defeated. In honor of this day I have decided to do a blog post on Patton. This 1970 film follows the career of George S. Patton as he lead battles on the front lines.

The movie opens with Patton giving a speech about his time in war and what he had learned. The film then brings us to Patton as he prepares his troops for battle. In North Africa, George Patton is in a pickle due to his troops suffering a humiliating defeat. Patton then goes and instills discipline into his troops to set them up for another battle. Eventually, he leads his troops to victory in another battle. However, he has to manage to bring his troops into Sicily. Yet, he has to face off with Bernard Montgomery’s slow and cautious plan. This leads to Patton disobeying orders causing him to have to apologize to Montgomery. The film then leads us into the events following D-Day in Normandy with Patton leading the Invasion in Europe. From there Patton learns about the dire state of the Allied soldiers in the Battle of the Bulge. With help and cautious planning, he manages to bring his soldiers into assisting the soldiers in their time of need. After making it into Germany, Patton makes remarks about America and the United Kingdom working together in the future. However, he inadvertently insults a Russian general, but the situation is diffused when he insults him right back. The more Patton talks the more trouble he ends up getting himself into. This leads to Patton losing out on his command. Once the war has ended, the movie shows Patton helping rebuild Germany. Sadly, many events foreshadow George Pattons death in a car crash. The movie then ends with a final shot of George C. Patton walking his dog.

Victory in Europe Day is celebrated in many different countries. On May 8,1945, the Nazi’s surrendered to the Allies. In the 1970 movie Patton, we are shown some of the events leading up to this victory.


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