On May 9, 1958 one of the most iconic thrillers of all time debuted. Vertigo may not have gotten the reviews that it deserved when it came out, but today it is considered to be one of the most best films of all time. Starring James Stewart we follow a police detective as he follows on leads for man’s wife.

At the beginning of the movie we are introduced to Scottie as he and his partner are chasing a convict. This turns deadly when Scottie watches his partner fall to his death. Scottie manages to survive by grabbing onto the edge of the roof, but not without receiving a fear of heights. The movie flashes forward to when Scottie has left the police force and is living with his ex-fiancee. We are shown that the slightest of heights traumatizes Scottie. When Scottie receives a phone call from his friend Gavin to follow his wife. When Scottie meets her he learns that she believes herself to be someone from the past. Scottie becomes emotionally attached to her trying to prevent her from dying. However, when Scottie chases her up a bell tower she falls to her death. A guilt driven Scottie is informed by Gavin that her death is not his fault. Yet, Scottie still blames himself because he was trying to protect her from a fate she feared. One day when Scottie is out, he sees a woman who looks a lot like Madeline, the name of Gavin’s wife. He follows her, eventually she catches on and he tells her everything. Scottie goes as far as to make her over to look like Madeline as a way to deal with his grief. However, Judy, the name of the new girl, has some secrets of her own that come out with Scottie. Who is Judy really? Did Madeline really die? What does Scottie find out at the last moment that will change his life forever?

Vertigo is a classic Alfred Hitchcock film that brings us to new heights with Scottie. Alfred Hitchcock was able to create angles and tricks with the camera that are still used today. On May 9, 1958, Vertigo premiered to the world. Although, it was poorly reviewed at its debut, Vertigo today is regarded as one of of the most beloved thrillers of all time.