Funny Face

Fred Astaire is one of the most influential dancer, singer, and actor to grace the screen.On May 10,1899 he was born into the world with a life of inspiration ahead of him. In Funny Face, he brings his talent to life in another brilliant performance.

Dick Avery is a fashion photographer looking for a new model. He wants a different type of model with unique features. He finds her in a bookstore where she works. After some song and dance, he is able to convince the shopkeeper Jo to model for him. Jo finds herself on a new adventure away from the bookstore. Going from country to country alongside Dick, Jo finds herself growing attached to him. Alongside Dick, Jo finds discovers herself becoming one of the most beloved and well known models around. Yet, things start to go awry between Dick and Jo when Jo forgets about a gala. This leads to an argument between Dick and Jo, inadvertently embarrassing Maggie, who is Dick’s boss. Later on, Dick decides to leave. With Jo realizing that she really does love Dick, she and Maggie try desperately to get in touch with him. Eventually, Dick gets the message only to find Jo in a wedding dress. The two walk off preparing to start their new life together.

Fred Astaire was able to bring another character to life. Using his talents to inspire, Funny Face encompasses Fred Astaire’s talents in all it’s glory. Born on May 10, 1899, Fred Astaire has left behind a legacy by doing what he loves.

2016 Reading Challenge Book #9: The Federalist Papers

The Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton, you must read this to understand The American Constitution.: The next book that I am going to blog about is a bit different than the rest of the books. For the 2016 Reading Challenge 1700-1799 era I chose the Federalist Papers. This book is not a story. This book has no characters. Instead this book is a collection eighty-five articles written by: John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison. These papers were written to support the ratification of the U.S. Constitution.

There is no real synopsis to this historic papers. We are introduced to several subjects in America that we hold dear. The concept of power and where it should be held. Foreign relations, as well as, the relations between states that should remain peaceful. However, if things go awry there will be consequences for those who do not comply. Congress with the House of Representatives and the Senate with what needs to happen and who needs to vote. John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison introduced a reason behind the laws that were being introduced to America in 1788 when the country was just making peace for itself.