Annie Get Your Gun

Irving Berlin wrote some of the most well known show tunes of all time. In his life time he won several awards for his legendary music. Many of his songs are beloved today, many of his songs most people hear but they don’t know he wrote them. In the film Annie Get Your Gun, he was able to bring the life of Annie Oakley to life using his own music.

The movie opens introducing us to Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. From there we are introduced to Annie Oakley. Annie is shown to be a sharpshooter who attracts the attention from many people around. Annie joins Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show to find herself as one of the most highest paid attraction in the show. As she finds herself moving through the ranks, she discovers that she is falling in love with the man who discovered her, Frank Butler. The two end up having their differences, but in the end Frank returns his feelings towards her. Annie and Frank end up getting married. Once the two are married, the word gets out with the insistence that there is a “shoot out” against each other. Knowing that Frank is just as accomplished as she is, Annie knows that this will be her toughest competition. Yet, Annie ends up winning the first match. However, Frank is not too happy that his ego has been damaged by her. The two end up fighting and not speaking to each other.When challenged to another match by her husband, Annie agrees. However, this time she is told by many people that she should lose the match deliberately. Although she is hesitant to do this, she does so. With Frank’s ego restored she and her husband reconcile with them headlining Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.

I do admit the ending of this movie is a bit of a downer because Annie deliberately loses a match. Yet, the music in this movie is classic. On May 11, 1888, the man who had written the music for this movie was born. “I’ve Got the Sun in the Morning and the Moon at Night” and “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better” are just two of famous songs that came out of Irving Berlin’s Annie Get Your Gun. Although, many people consider this movie to be cheesy, Irving Berlin’s music makes it all the more enjoyable.