Friday the 13th

May 13th this year fell on a Friday, thus making it one of the most unlucky days of all. I was unavailable to do a blog post yesterday, so here is my movie for Friday the 13th. The 1980 horror film by the same name: Friday the 13th.

In the beginning of the movie we are introduced to a young couple in the 1950’s. The two are camp counselors at Camp Crystal Lake where they are killed by an unknown assailant. Flashing forward to the present day, which was 1980, we learn that Camp Crystal Lake has been closed since the camp counselors were murdered. We learn all of this through Annie, who hears about it from the townspeople who call Camp Crystal Lake: Camp Blood. Annie is informed by the man who is driving her up that Steve Christie, the owner, has tried to open the camp time after time. However, each time something has prevented him, like the water being poisoned. The man drops Annie off as she continues to hitchhike to Camp Crystal Lake. Sadly, she is picked up by the killer and killed before she can arrive.

After Annie is killed, we are introduced to the rest of the camp counselors and the own Steve Christie. As with any other traditional horror film, one by one each of them are picked off. Eventually, Alice is left alone to fight off the killer who has come her way. After finding the dead bodies of the rest of her friends, she meets Mrs. Voorhees. Upon meeting her, she tries to calm Alice down. Alice starts to fear for her life when she realizes that the kind and somewhat grandmotherly Mrs. Voorhees is the killer. This leads Alice and Mrs. Voorhees on a chase where Alice ends up decapitating her. Once this over, Alice takes a canoe out onto the lake only to wake up the next morning. From halfway across the lake she sees the police officers as they pull up. She smiles with relief. But, this turns to terror as Mrs. Voorhees son Jason, who drowned at the lake and is the reason his mother went on a violent rampage, jumps out of the water and grabs Alice down under. Alice wakes up in the hospital only to be informed that everyone is dead and she is the sole survivor. Upon asking about Jason, she is told that there was no boy found. Leading Alice to realize that he is still there.

Friday the 13th is a classic thriller that had all the elements for a horror film. May 13th, 2016 fell on a Friday, the day when bad things are supposed to happen. In 1980, we were introduced to a horror movie franchise by the name of Friday the 13th.


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