Wings (1927)

On May 16, 1929 the first ever Academy Awards took place in Hollywood. This would lead to the historic event of movies to take place every year. The first film to ever win the coveted Best Picture Award is the 1927 film Wings. In this World War I epic, Clara Bow and Buddy Rogers are able to bring this story to life through their amazing acting skills.

In a small town, pretty girl Sylvia Lewis is the apple of Jack Powell and David Armstrong’s eyes. The two vie for the young girl’s affection, ignoring all other girls around them. When World War I breaks out, they decide to enlist as combat pilots in hopes that it will bring Sylvia closer to one of them. The two rivals are set to work together in the same unit. They are roomed with another cadet who tries to mend a relationship, however he dies too quickly. From there Jack and David head off on dangerous adventures together. David’s plane is shot down and he is presumed to be dead. Having grown closer to David, Jack decides to exact the revenge on the enemy for his friend. Unbeknownst to Jack, a young girl who has a crush on him Mary, has joined the military force in hopes of growing closer to him. Yet, Jack wants to make sure that David’s death is avenged. Upon finding a dying David, Jack comforts him letting him know that he did not die in vain. When Jack returns home he receives a heroes welcome. But, Jack is bent on making sure that he meets David’s parents. Feeling guilty for the death of his friend, Jack asks for forgiveness. The only reply he receives that it was the war that killed his friend, not Jack. When Jack leaves, he is reunited with Mary realizing that he has loved him all along and not Sylvia.

Wings is one of the most beloved silent films of all time. On May 16, 1929, Wings won the first ever Best Picture Award at the Academy Awards. This well deserving war epic is to remain inspiring for all time