The Flower Drum Song

Nancy Kwan was a beautiful actress who was able to help break down barriers. In the 1960’s she played a pivotal role in improving the acceptance of Asian Americans in films. One of her finest portrayals is in The Flower Drum Song.

The movie opens with Mei Li and her father enter San Francisco as illegal immigrants. This is due to Mei Li being part of an arranged marriage. Once they arrive, Mei Li is quickly swept into the new world around her. However, things are not good for Mei Li as she learns that the lead in a revue, Linda, is in love with her fiancee. Yet, Mei Li finds love for herself. With Linda by her side, Mei Li goes out of her way to show her father that she would be happier than with the man who she was arranged to marry. When the time comes for Mei Li to marry she reveals to the grooms mother that she entered the country illegally, thus making her unmarketable to her grooms family. With everything being resolved, Mei Li can marry the man she loves. While Linda ends up with her man.

Nancy Kwan was born on May 19, 1939 growing up to become a fantastic actress. In the 1961 movie musical The Flower Drum Song she proves her many talents to the world around her. Nancy Kwan was able to assist in breaking down barriers for equality Hollywood.