The Philadelphia Story

Many people have heard of James Stewart. This prolific actor did more than act in his lifetime. He served in World War II and the Vietnam War where he rose to the rank of Brigadier General. His talents are proven on screen in the movie The Philadelphia Story for which he won his only Academy Award.

Tracy Lord is a young woman who has given up on her marriage. Trying to keep things under wraps as much as possible, she is a socialite who is constantly hounded by the press. Soon after the divorce, she plans on marrying another man. This marriage is set to be exploited in the news by many news outlets. Several reporters are up for the task of exposing the wedding. One of these men is Sidney Kidd who is desperate to climb up the ladder at his newspaper. From the time Sidney enters into Tracy’s world he finds that there is more than expected. One of the reporters who assists in guiding Sidney around is Mike Connor. A seasoned reporter, Mike works on stories like the one that Sidney is. But, Mike knows many people involved in Tracy’s life, therefore he is trusted by some and not by others. Things start to become more complicated for Tracy when her ex husband, Dexter comes back into the picture. Dexter is welcome back with open arms. Forming a friendship with Mike, Tracy starts to see that Dexter has changed his ways. However, Tracy is left with a decision on who she is to marry in the end. The night before the wedding Tracy gets drunk with Mike taking care of her. Sadly, Dexter sees this and believes that they are together. But, the next day this is dispelled when Tracy decides to marry Dexter, as Mike ends up with a friend of Tracy’s.

The Philadelphia Story is known as one of the best movies of all time. In this film we are introduced to the life of the rich and famous as a socialite struggles with her love life. James Stewart won his only Oscar for his role as Mike Connor’s in this 1940 classic. On May 20, 1908 James Stewart was a shining light that was born into this world to bring a smile to many faces.