Rope2.jpgOn May 21st, 1924 two popular college students from wealthy families did the unthinkable. Known today as thrill kills, a young boy became the target of these two’s dream of pulling off the perfect crime. Richard Loeb and Nathan Leoplold killed a young boy, Bobby Franks, just because they thought they were smarter than everyone else. In the Alfred Hitchcock movie Rope, the vile act that these two committed is played out, but in a much different way.

Right from the start we know that a murder has taken place. Brilliant college students Brandon Shaw and Phillip Morgan kill their classmate David by strangling him. From there they dump his body in a antique wooden chest. With a party starting later that night they decide to set up the chest as a table for their dinner guests. As the guests arrive they tell him that David would be arriving shortly. One of the guests is David’s girlfriend who is disappointed he didn’t show up. However, the guests don’t realize that he is dead in the antique chest that they have been using as a table. When Rupert Cadell arrives, Brandon and Phillip have a change of attitude towards him. Rupert had discussed with the class the art of murder, among other things. Unbeknownst to Rupert, he has inadvertently inspired them to murder their classmate by pulling off the perfect crime. As the party dies down, Rupert starts to find things around the apartment showing that David had been their earlier. Yet, when he questions Brandon and Phillip they deny him ever being their. When everyone has left, Rupert comes back to the Brandon and Phillips knowing that they haven’t been honest with them. Eventually, Rupert discovers the truth about David and tells Brandon and Phillip they have done the unthinkable. In shock, Rupert calls the police with the movie ending as the police sirens approach the house.

On May 21, 1924, Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold committed a shocking crime that would only shock the world around them. By committing a murder just to show the world that they are smarter than everyone. In Alfred Hitchcock’s movie Rope, the same type of crime is committed, but in a different way. But, the same motive behind the killing was to show the perfect crime.


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