Bonnie and Clyde (1967)

Bonnie and Clyde are two of the well most known criminals of all time. They became a folklore for robbing banks and evading police capture that took the nation by storm. On May 23, 1934 they were killed in a shoot out in Louisiana by police. Through pictures and legend they still live today as a dynamic duo who are still enjoyed through the media. In the 1967 movie Bonnie and Clyde they are brought to life on the big screen.

Bonnie Parker is instantly taken by Clyde Barrow when she spots him outside her bedroom window. She sees him trying to steal her car, she goes out to confront him only to find herself robbing banks with him. Along the way she meets many new people who join what is known as the Barrow gang. Many of the jobs they commit are small robberies. However, things go badly when a bank robbery turns deadly. When Clydes brother takes the life of a bank teller he informs his wife that there is no turning back now. Things aren’t that good between Blanche, his wife, and Bonnie as they have a feud that has been escalating. Everything goes bad when Buck is killed and Blanche taken prisoner. After this they continue on with their bank heists. Things go bad again, when C.W. a member of their gang botches another bank robbery. This time it is Clyde who takes the life of a man. The frustrated crew find a police officer and kidnap him. They take him to a remote location where they humiliate him before letting him go. Sickened by what has happened to him, the police officer heads off to give the local law enforcement information about the criminals. Soon after C.W. is captured by police where he gives them the final information for the police to capture the two. However, the police decide the only way to take down Bonnie and Clyde is to kill them. When Bonnie and Clyde are driving down the road they spot a friend of theirs. They pull over only to realize that they are in an ambush too late. In a mass shoot out Bonnie and Clyde are killed. The movie ends with a police man looking at the bullet riddled bodies of the criminals.

Bonnie and Clyde are still known as folk heroes today. Even though they were bank robbers there are still festivals, movies, music, and books inspired by them. In 1967 Bonnie and Clyde came to the big screen with there historic crime sprees staying in tact with the legend we all know today.

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