The Young Victoria

On May 24, 1819 one of the United Kingdoms greatest monarchs was born. Queen Victoria is remembered today for her grace and economic growth through out the country with her husband Albert by her side. In the 2009 film The Young Victoria we are introduced to the early years of Victoria’s reign.

When the movie opens we are introduced to Victoria’s prestigious upbringing. We learn that her life has been dictated by her parents due to her being the heir apparent to the throne. As she grows older the talks of Victoria marrying comes up. Eventually, King Leopold of Belgium offers his son Albert to be her husband. Lucky for Victoria and Albert the two find themselves fond of each other. Soon after her birthday party her father, King William, dies. This leaves the door open for Victoria to ascend to the throne. She reveals that she will devote her life to Kingdom and country. After her ascension she is able to prove all off this by making her mark in Parliament and not accepting Albert’s reasoning for taking their relationship further. However, Albert is much more fond of Victoria. Eventually, Albert and Victoria decide to marry due to their love for each other. But things aren’t as peachy as they seem for Albert due to him feeling inadequate. Yet, Albert does receive some more duties at the insistence of Victoria’s mother. Later on Victoria ends up surviving an assassination attempt due to Albert throwing himself in front of her. This act of bravery cements Albert and Victoria’s love for each other among other things. The movie ends with a title card stating that they were married until Albert’s death.

Queen Victoria is still known as one of the United Kingdom’s greatest monarchs for her strides in improving the economy through changes to the military and industries among other parts. In the 2009 movie The Young Victoria we learn about her early years into the throne as she grows stronger as a Queen. She ruled the country for sixty-two years with many people remember Queen Victoria for her many achievements.