State Fair (1945)

Jeanne Crain was born on May 25, 1925 leading a life in film. Not only could she act, she became known for her ice skating skills on the ice. Although, there was no ice skating in the film I am writing about, she was a woman of many talents. In the 1945 movie State Fair, she is able to bring to life a small town girl who finds herself on her own adventure.

The Frake family is preparing to go on their annual trip to the State Fair in their home state of Iowa. The only one who is not looking forward to the trip is their daughter Margery. After going to the fair many times, Margery only looks to this as a break from her duties on the family farm and from her fiancee. Before they leave, her fiancee tells her about the farm he hope to build which would mean that Margery would be living the same life as the one she is leading now. Once the Frakes head off to the state fair things start to change. From the moment they arrive, Margery and her brother Wayne find themselves in love with new people. Wayne meets Emily who keeps him from being arrested for a crime he did not commit. Sadly for Wayne, he learns that Emily is already married.While Margery finds herself being taken with Pat, a reporter covering the fair. In the meantime, the Frake family win many awards throughout the fair for pickles and their pet pig. When the fair ends, the Frake family return home. The parents are happy with what they have won. But, the children are heartbroken over the two people who they fell in love with. Shortly after they arrive home, Margery receives a phone call from Pat who insists that he marry her. Ecstatic, Margery takes off to go meet Pat and introduce him to her family. As for Wayne, he goes after Eleanor, a local girl who loves him, and he learns he has the same feelings for him. The movie ends with the Frake family back to being happy with a bright future ahead of them.

State Fair came out in 1945 was able to high light Jeanne Crain with her talent for singing. Born on May 25, 1925, she was a woman of many talents who became known for more than acting and singing. Today, she is an unsung hero for inspiration for many generations to come.