Dracula (1931)

Bram Stoker created one of the most iconic vampires of all time. Dracula has gone one to become one of the beloved, yet feared, villains. On May 26, 1897, this historic novel was published for the first time. As time went on, the book grew into a play. Eventually, in 1931 Dracula became a film starring the legendary horror movie actor Bela Lugosi.

When Renfield arrives in Transylvania to meet Count Dracula, he is immediately taken a back by the townspeople. Upon hearing that is where he is heading some are silent, some are praying, while others warn him of the danger that is there. Once Renfield arrives at the Counts castle he is shaken by the man who he is to visit. He watches him walk through spiderwebs even though he is welcoming. As expected, Renfield falls victim to Count Dracula when the vampire bites him in his sleep. Dracula takes advantage of the opportunity to travel back to England with Renfield. However, Renfield is deemed mad due to the Count hypnotizing him instead of turning him into a vampire. Once in England, Dracula makes the acquaintance of John Harker and his fiancee Mina. Instantly, taken in by Mina, he starts hunting her to make her his own. Luckily, for Mina, Dr. Van Helsing discover’s Draculas secret when he sees he has no reflection in the mirror and turns away at the symbol of a cross. Knowing that Renfield has fallen victim to Dracula, Van Helsing starts to smartly warn people of the Count’s actions. Only to have them be ignored, until Mina is attacked. Investigating more about the vampire, Van Helsing heads off to the sanitarium where Renfield is staying to learn his strengths and weaknesses. Against the better judgement of the hospital, Van Helsing lets Renfield go in order to understand Dracula’s hold on him. While this is going on Mina has fallen under the complete spell of Dracula. John learns of the villainous vampires just as Van Helsing comes back. The two work together to stop Dracula. Once Dracula is staked things start to go back to normal as the credits role.

In 1931, Bela Lugosi brought the vampire who has been parodied multiple times to life. Without Bram Stoker, there would be no Count Dracula to haunt us in our dreams. On May 26, 1897, this iconic vampire came to life on the pages of a book to haunt people for generations to come.

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