House on Haunted Hill (1959)

Vincent Price became known for his distinctive voice and performance in horror films. Many people who have starred in horror films have been inspired by him at least once. In these films he is able to keep a calm demeanor while setting the mood for the movie. On May 27, 1911, this legendary horror actor came into the world. In the 1959 movie, House on Haunted Hill his skills are again utilized in a fine performance.

When eccentric millionaire Frederick Loren decides to “throw a party” for his wife he decides to make it the best one yet. Bribing the guests with ten thousand dollars each, they learn that there really is no party, just a haunted house Loren wants them to investigate. Throughout the film, each of them are armed with a gun as each of them fall prey to a different ghost. One of them, Nora, becomes more and more convinced that there is a ghost that is trying to push her to a psychotic break. Eventually, it is discovered that there is a more sinister plot behind the haunting. When one of the guests discovered that someone faked their death more secrets start to become revealed. With the ghosts scaring and killing each of the guests, they learn that it is them against spirits who are trying to frighten them, as well as warn them. What is the secret that keeps these ghosts there?

Vincent Price had a very distinctive voice that was used through out many films, especially the horror genre. In House on Haunted Hill, he is able to bring to life an eccentric millionaire who wants to learn more about the property he is on. On May 27, this deceased and legendary actor would have turned one hundred and five. But, he lives on through redefining the horror genre with his methods.

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