Million Dollar Baby

Clint Eastwood is one of the most respected men in the film industry. This actor, director, and producer has gone above and beyond with his work. On May 31, he turns another year older. One of his most memorable movies he worked on is the 2004 film Million Dollar Baby.

Maggie Fitzgerald is a waitress in a small town. When she meets an angry coach at a local gym he reluctantly takes her under his wing. The more Maggie proves her talent for boxing the more respect he gives her. Eventually, Frankie, her coach, sets her up with a manager, Scrap, who helps promote her career. However, things don’t go according to plan as Maggie is much older than the other competitors in her league. Yet, Maggie is able to prove that she is far better than the rest. At a fight in Las Vegas, Maggie ends up and hitting a displaced stool. Sadly, things go badly when Maggie has an accident leading her to be on a ventilator as a quadriplegic. Frankie is shown going through grief with Maggie in her condition. As for Maggie, when she is visited by her family in the hospital accompanied by an attorney, they only want to make sure her assets are transferred properly to them. When Maggie is visited by Frankie she asks him to put her out of her misery and let her die after her leg is amputated. Struggling with Maggie’s request, Frankie consults a priest who tells him there is no way that he would be able to forgive himself. After much contemplation, Frankie decides to do what Maggie asked him. As he administers the final injection, he informs Maggie the meaning of her nickname, an old Irish saying for My Darling or My Blood. With Scrap narrating the rest of the story, Frankie reads a letter from his daughter later on returning to a diner where he and Maggie first met eating alone.

Clint Eastwood starred, directed, and produced this classic film. Through tragedy and triumph we are able to follow a story of an underdog. On May 31, Clint Eastwood celebrate his birthday with his film work growing. Million Dollar Baby is just another representation of his brilliant film work.

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